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Based on the demand the country is in, TMT cold storage Pvt Ltd - Vellivoyal in Ponneri Taluk, have established an integrated cold chain of multi chambered facility to accommodate any type of frozen meat and other non-horticultural produce such as cereals, pulses, dairy items and snacks. The Directors are tenured businessmen in the field of warehousing, general storage, break bulk cargo owning containers under their branding who own approximately about 2 lac sq ft of closed warehouses and 5,00,000 sq ft open yard facilities.

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There will be three collection centres namely Madhavaram which is 18km from the fishing harbor to collect sea food varieties like Seer, Pomphret, Prawn, Shark, Sardine, Crab, Silverbellies and Carangids & Mackore Uthiramerur collection centre will be an enhancer for the 5 lac farmers who reside at nearby proximities as this centre will be procuring Cereal and Pulses Nellore collection centre will be a boon for the dairy community as the 5MT movable container unit will procure Dairy & Milk produce which will in turn help the community to have high returns of produce which may not be edible otherwise